There’s a special kind of magic in intimate weddings, where love takes centre stage and every detail becomes a cherished memory. Rosie and Miles knew they wanted to celebrate their love in an intimate setting, and their choice of the Mansion of Coldeast in Southampton set the stage for a day that was pure enchantment. Join us as we explore the story of their Hampshire wedding, where simplicity and love intertwined to create a day they will forever treasure.

A Haven for Intimate Weddings

The Mansion of Coldeast in Southampton proved to be the perfect venue for Rosie and Miles. Tucked away in the heart of Hampshire, this hidden gem exudes an air of timeless beauty. Its historic architecture and romantic gardens made it an ideal backdrop for an intimate wedding. With only their closest loved ones in attendance, Rosie and Miles exchanged their vows in the serene garden of the mansion. The intimacy of the occasion added a deep sense of connection to their commitment, making the day even more special.

Crafting Bridal Elegance

Rosie’s bridal look was a masterpiece, thanks to the talented team at Debút Hair in Fareham. For intimate weddings, personalized details matter, and Debút Hair understood this perfectly. They crafted a hairstyle that exuded elegance, blending seamlessly with the vintage vibes of the Mansion of Coldeast.

As Rosie walked down the aisle, her radiant beauty was expertly captured by their chosen Hampshire wedding photographer. Every strand of hair was a work of art, and the photographer made sure that no detail went unnoticed. The result was a collection of photographs that told the story of their love in the most beautiful way.

A Purple Floral Dream

The floral arrangements were a vital component of Rosie and Miles’ Hampshire wedding, and Lee-on-Solent Florist brought their vision to life. With a stunning purple theme, the venue was transformed into a floral wonderland. Shades of lavender, plum, and violet adorned every corner, infusing a romantic ambiance that enveloped the couple and their guests.

Lee-on-Solent Florist’s expertise was evident in every bouquet and centerpiece, from the elegant purple roses to the delicate lavender hydrangeas. The scent of fresh blooms wafted through the air, enhancing the intimacy of the day.

Rosie and Miles’ intimate wedding at the Mansion of Coldeast was a testament to the power of love celebrated in a heartfelt way. Every detail, from the choice of venue to the bridal look and the exquisite floral arrangements, was captured beautifully by their Hampshire wedding photographer. It was a day of simple sophistication, where love was the star, and every moment was cherished. As they reflect on their magical day, Rosie and Miles will forever be grateful for the memories and the professionals who made it all possible.