Capturing Autumnal Elegance: A Hampshire Wedding at Somerley House

As a Hampshire wedding photographer, I recently had the privilege of capturing the magic of a warm, classic, and autumnal fairytale wedding at the exquisite Somerley House. From the breathtaking floral arrangements to the skilful touch of the hair and makeup artist, Gemma Sutton, every detail contributed to an unforgettable celebration.

Little Green Florist’s Blooms of Grandeur

The Little Green Florist brought the enchantment of autumn to life with their exceptional floral arrangements. From the entrance to the ceremony space, the vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow added a touch of grandeur to the already magnificent Somerley House. As a Hampshire wedding photographer, I was captivated by the way these blooms complemented the warm and classic theme, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

Gemma Sutton – A Master of Elegance in Bridal Portraits

Gemma Sutton, the brilliant hair and makeup artist, worked her magic to enhance the natural beauty of the bride and bridal party. As I captured each moment through my lens, Sutton’s attention to detail and commitment to creating timeless looks became evident. The bridal portraits radiated elegance, perfectly aligning with the warmth and classic aesthetic of the October wedding.

Stationary Created by Magic for a Timeless Touch

The stationary for this celebration was more than just paper – it was crafted by magic. Every invitation, place card, and program exuded an ethereal quality that seamlessly tied together the autumnal fairytale theme. As a Hampshire wedding photographer, I found that the stationary played a pivotal role in conveying the warmth and classic elegance that defined the essence of the day.

Somerley House – Elevating the Beauty of Love

Beyond the individual elements, this shoot aimed to showcase how a venue can enhance the beauty of a wedding. Somerley House, with its timeless charm, picturesque surroundings, and architectural elegance, became an integral part of the visual narrative. As a Hampshire wedding photographer, I witnessed how the venue’s inherent beauty harmonised effortlessly with the warm, classic, and autumnal fairytale theme.

In the heart of Hampshire, at Somerley House, this October wedding unfolded as a testament to love’s timeless beauty. From the expertly crafted floral arrangements and the skilful touch of Gemma Sutton to the magical stationary that tied it all together, the celebration exemplified the essence of a warm, classic, and unforgettable autumnal fairytale.